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Get Your Pound of Cure

Did you know that the Affordable Care Act requires health insurance plans to cover preventive services with no cost sharing? This means your health insurance can no longer charge a co-pay, co-insurance, or deductible when you see an in-network provider for these services.


Services for Adults include screenings for:

  1. Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm
  2. Alcohol Misuse
  3. Aspirin use
  4. Blood pressure
  5. Cholesterol
  6. Colorectal Cancer
  7. Depression
  8. Type 2 Diabetes
  9. Diet
  10. HIV
  11. Immunizations
  12. Obesity
  13. Sexually Transmitted Infections
  14. Syphilis
  15. Tobacco Use

For more detailed information:

Services for Women and Pregnant Women include screenings for:

  1. Anemia (pregnancy)
  2. Bacteriuria (pregnancy)
  3. BRCA
  4. Breast Cancer Mammography
  5. Breast Cancer Chemoprevention
  6. Breastfeeding
  7. Cervical Cancer
  8. Chlamydia Infection
  9. Contraception
  10. Domestic and Interpersonal Violence
  11. Folic Acid
  12. Gestational Diabetes (pregnancy)
  13. Gonorrhea
  14. Hepatitis B (pregnancy)
  15. HIV
  16. HPV DNA Test
  17. Osteoporosis
  18. Rh Incompatibility (pregnancy)
  19. Sexually Transmitted Infections
  20. Syphilis
  21. Tobacco Use
  22. Well-woman Visits

For more detailed information:

Services for children include screenings for:

  1. Alcohol and Drug Use
  2. Autism
  3. Behavioral
  4. Blood Pressure
  5. Cervical Dysplasia
  6. Congenital Hypothyroidism
  7. Depression
  8. Developmental
  9. Dyslipidemia
  10. Fluoride Chemoprevention
  11. Gonorrhea
  12. Hearing
  13. Height, Weight, and Body Mass Index
  14. Hematocrit or Hemoglobin
  15. Hemoglobinopathies
  16. HIV
  17. Immunization
  18. Iron
  19. Lead
  20. Medical History
  21. Obesity
  22. Oral Health
  23. PKU
  24. Sexually Transmitted Infections
  25. TB
  26. Vision

For more detailed information:


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